Watch what you say

I have to be careful what I say here. I am doing a good job with the vocab

The following are self-prohibited words and what the US equivalent is:

Thongs (=flip-flops, not g-strings)

Toilet (=bathroom/restrooms/other appropriate euphemisms)

Rubber (=eraser, not condom)

There may be others, but these are the ones we use all the time at home and which have a different meaning here!

But it works both ways. I believe I saw a store here called Slick Willie’s. (*snigger*)

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5 Responses to Watch what you say

  1. Steve puli says:

    Great blog Louise!. Is that you going for a run in the photo? Best wishes to you and your family.

  2. Rob says:

    Another word over which Australians (and Brits) need to take care Stateside; in America, “pissed” means “angry”, not “drunk”. (“You must be really pissed”, I was solemnly told by an American some years ago, when he was commiserating with my annoyance, not diagnosing my alcohol consumption.)

  3. louiseyvette says:

    LOL! Yes, I knew there were others! Fortunately, that’s not one the kids and I use daily. 🙂

  4. Janet says:

    Actually, it could mean either one–angry mostly, but you have to tell by the context–although that could be hard too.


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