I like it here

I feel a bit bad posting so much about the things which are disorienting, because actually, apart from the normal irritations one experiences in life, I’m quite enjoying myself here.

It is an adventure, checking out lots of new things and meeting new people.

I do miss my friends and family back home, of course, but in some ways it just feels like I’m on holiday in a new place. I imagine the deeper homesickness may kick in later. Or maybe I’m just used to leaving my beloved Tasmania behind to start new adventures elsewhere.

It’s rather like going on pilgrimage, in that it’s a reminder that in this life we are not completely at home, but are journeying towards our real home in heaven.

God the Father is always with me and is plenty good company! Of course, He did also make me for fellowship with other fellow creatures and He has been good enough to supply me with some lovely, friendly acquaintances.

I am kicking myself that I didn’t take any photos of the beautiful farm we visited the other day, venturing out to drive for an hour into the country-side.

The house was built by the owners 11 years ago and the property is 180 Acres. They rent much of their land to their neighbours who run longhorn? cattle. The man of the house works in town in the medical field and the family have chickens, sheep and pet tortoises!

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