Bloom where you’re planted

texan rose

When we decided to accept Nick’s job offer from Big Oil, I decided that I would embrace the move – as much as humanly possible – and make a serious attempt to be happy here.

June, in particular, was just horrendous and I don’t dwell on it, but it certainly did put a big hole in my plan for happiness (by which I really mean beatitude). It’s hard even to do the little things that normally help with stress (e.g. keeping regular routines in the home) when everything has been turned upside-down.

However, now that the very worst of those stresses and the immediate moving-in stresses have calmed down somewhat, I can take stock a bit. More importantly, I just feel like I can breathe again.

The biggest help in the past week was when we decided the children would attend university in Australia.

This lifted a huge burden off me, because I no longer have to try to find a way for our older children to fit into the system here. It had been a real headache. I was on the verge of solving the dilemma, but now I don’t have to think about it.

The upshot is that we will be home schooling the whole lot of them – at least for the foreseeable future.

What this means is that instead of tying myself in knots trying to make sure that everything we do slots in with the American education system, we can concentrate on our own goals as a family and for each child. We can think more easily about how we might be involved in charitable and volunteer work. And we can continue with our own agenda for the education of our children. In just over a year, my eldest child will be 18. I want to spend that time with her consolidating the lessons and life-skills which I think are most important for her, instead of just trying to “catch up” on things which she may have “missed out” on.

I hope now I can devote a fair amount of energy making sure we all get to actually enjoy living in Texas, with all the different things we can experience here.

I intend to be happy here and that means accepting we are in a new place and remembering how much God loves us all.

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