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A Fanciful History of Western Civilisation

This was posted on my original blog on the 22 Feb 2006. I still consider it to be the best thing I’ve ever written… This history highlights the domino effect of Henry VIII’s disastrous policies. Personally, I blame H8 for … Continue reading

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Housewifery: oil and soap edition

In recent times, we have experimented here with shampoo and olive oil for washing our hair. The point of this is to see if it cares for our hair better than commercial products. So far, it seems to be working … Continue reading

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Easter Sunday

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Holy Saturday: The Harrowing of Hell

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Good Friday

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Some favourites: Chopin, Catholicism v. Napoleon, Happiness, Crystal Gayle and bonus Guitar Tuner

This performance of Chopin’s Prelude No. 4 is just about perfection. Please do listen to it – I doubt you’ll regret it. This priest doesn’t think we are happy enough. Here are the reasons to be happy: I don’t know … Continue reading

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Trouble, Strife, Newman and Scalia

Shortly before Justice Scalia died, I found this video of his son, Fr. Paul Scalia, on the Errors of Modernism. It has become a bit of a favourite of mine. If you watch from about 44:25, you will hear some great quotes … Continue reading

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