Housewifery: oil and soap edition

In recent times, we have experimented here with shampoo and olive oil for washing our hair. The point of this is to see if it cares for our hair better than commercial products. So far, it seems to be working better. Some of my children have curly or wavy hair, so the addition of olive oil into half a bottle of shampoo seems to have the happy effect of reducing the amount of frizz. One could easily use any sort of vegetable oil, but my preference is extra virgin olive oil. My own hair these days has a tendency to become quite dry and over the years has developed a bit of a wave in it, but that’s not usually very noticeable until my hair is at about shoulder length. Currently it’s at a medium length. I seem to need to wash it about every 5 days. Sometimes I add a little more shampoo to my hair if the oil to shampoo ratio is too high for it.

So the best combination for us so far is roughly 1:1 oil to shampoo. I want to experiment with pure liquid soap instead of shampoo too.

I also ran out of a product for cleaning wooden tables called oil-soap recently, so I made up my own with a combination of dishwashing liquid, olive oil and some added water. It seems to do well at cleaning tables if I use a fairly wet cloth, while putting some oil into the timber which seems to preserve it a bit.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share.

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