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Christendom Club

Following on from my history course in July, which seemed to be successful, I thought I would offer a Club meeting at my house twice a month for the Catholic home schoolers in our area. I’m planning it for the … Continue reading

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History Course

I had a great time teaching about 15 home schoolers, ages 13-18, about the History of Christendom: an overview. We had four sessions of about 3 hours and 15 mins lectures each time, so 12+ hours of lecturing, during July. … Continue reading

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Bad effects of the “Reformation” on Oxford: Cobbett

Apologies for the seeming Judaphobia in the following excerpt. I don’t, however, believe Cobbett was a hater of Jews, and it’s not the point of my entry. “30. When we hear some Jew, or Orange-man, or parson-justice, or Jocelyn saint, … Continue reading

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The “Reformation”: Beastly lust, hypocrisy, perfidy!

The idea that the Reformation was some kind of good thing is prevalent in (probably) every popular history book, movie etc because of its opposition to the Catholic Faith. I’ll be happy to hear of any instances where this isn’t … Continue reading

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And… we are ready to roll

 I am now ready for the first session of my gloriously Whig-free “History of Christendom” Summer Class, which I’ll be giving in four sessions this month to about 20 home schooled students. I’m amazed that I’ve been able to prepare, … Continue reading

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Capitalism: Belloc

The Faith and Industrial Capitalism “Industrial Capitalism is a manifest evil. It cries out against our sense of justice, its products offend our sense of beauty, the society based on it is not only vile but increasingly unstable. It came … Continue reading

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